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Rabid is a Wellington-based digital technology company focused on open-source technologies in business, community, and government sectors.

We propose to enhance the technology of the Kete project through Phase One and Phase Two, while positioning the technology to be accessible to other open-source developers. As a consultancy, Rabid specialises in development of new services with modern technologies.

Recent projects have included:
• Stick with the Pack, a mobile phone application – in collaboration with Wellington City Council, ACC, Police and Massey University
• Peekaboo, a game for brain development and parental interaction of toddlers – supported by MSD, Vodafone Foundation and Plunket
• New Zealand Broadband Test, a project to deploy open-source broadband internet connection tools in a New Zealand environment – with REANNZ and a major international corporation

Rabid selects appropriate online tools, specifically Ruby on Rails, Node.js and standards-based Javascript / HTML5, to create modern and resilient applications. These technologies offer

Rabid works with clients such as Google, Deloitte New Zealand, digital design agencies, and NFPs like the New Zealand Guidelines Group to ensure a solid delivery of their customers’ needs. Projects may range from bespoke web applications through to entirely new online products or services, requiring design, development, product strategy and support.

Alongside these projects, Rabid maintains an interest in contributing to projects with an element of social good. We contribute consulting to GRIT Learning, an organisation exploring technology-led social enterprise in Cambodian education; and NVader, a New Zealand-based organisation investigating human trafficking exploitation in South-East Asia.

Rabid was restructured from the web consulting arm of Enspiral in 2012, where current staff played roles in major client projects and development of technology start-ups. We are a member of NZRise, a not for profit organisation committed to the development of the New Zealand IT economy. Many of our team are members of InternetNZ.

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