Kete FAQs

General (9)

What is Kete?

Kete can be thought of as a relational wiki.  It is software that combines aspects of Digital Libraries/Repositories, Knowledge and Content Management Systems, and collaboration tools to make it easy to add and relate content on a Kete site. It is … Continue reading

Where can I download Kete?

Check out the Get Kete page.

How do I install Kete?

Read the Installation Guide to find out how.

Who offers services to support Kete?

See the list of available vendors for support of Kete. Katipo the company who developed Kete, offers a complete range of Kete services including hosting, training, consultation, project planning, development, and support. Katipo works with clients from around the world. LibLime … Continue reading

Where can I get help to use Kete?

Check out the Help basket Peruse the Training Handbook, or ask a question here.

Where can I find news about Kete?

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How do I share information with the Kete community other than the mailing list?

Go to the Discuss page and register for the fourm.

How is Kete different from a wiki?

We often refer to Kete as “wiki inspired”. Wikis are very text based and multimedia integration is usually a manual process and cumbersome. For most wiki software anything but text is sort of bolted on. When we conceived of Kete, … Continue reading

Who uses Kete?

See the list of sites that run on Kete.