Donate to the Kete Redevelopment

Many organisations use Kete, an online archive service, to store community
and personal items of value. Kete was conceived in New Zealand and
opened for free use to many of our libraries and museums. Now it needs
love and funding to modernise our shared heritage.

In this environment of tight costs, Kete has achieved a lot for us all. Now the
time has arrived to pitch in and keep the project alive for the future. Let’s
work together.

Funding for the most urgent work of Stage 1 has been secured will means that work has began. Stage 1 is a stripped down proposal and will cost $50k. This funding has been contributed by Digital NZ $20k, Te Horowhenua Trust $25k and Tauranga Libraries $5k. We have also received donations from individuals via Paypal

This is all backend but will address the critical security flaws and ‘performance’  issues due to running such an old version of Rails.The work will be carried out by a project team consisting of Andy Neale from Digital NZ, Joanne Dillon from Te Horowhenua Trust and Leith Haarhoff from Palmerston North who will work with Josh Forde from Rabid.

If you currently have a Kete please consider whether you wish to keep using it and if not, what you will replace it with if the upgrade work is not completed.

We are now seeking the remainder of the funding to complete the balance of the critical stage 1 work and invite all Kete Libraries to contribute to this project. Many of us have capital funding left as the end of the financial year draws in and Te Horowhenua Trust is happy to generate invoices for ‘Kete upgrade: stage 1, payment 1’ if that is helpful.

Donate via Paypal

Donate via invoice

If you’re unable to donate using Paypal please contact us to arrange an invoice.