Kete at NDF 2013

Does anyone else out there think there would be any place for a workshop around the idea of getting the most out of your Kete?

A ‘share whats working’ theme as well as:

  • Using Storify with Kete
  • Using Historypin with Kete
  • Creating an animated gif for small slideshows using Photoshop or Gimp
  • Embedding twitter feeds
  • Embedding Youtube Videos
  • Using audacity to clean up your audio contributions
  • Good practise (linking content within kete and too own catalogue to create journey, pointing to other reliable resources, separating Library content from public content by using baskets and index pages).
  • Others?

If you think there is a demand for this kind of workshop I would happy to run it from the perspective of a happy tinkerer with an ear to learning other’s ideas…(rather than a programmer). A sort of ‘bring a laptop and be prepared to play with you own kete’ couple of hours?

Harley Couper

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