Phase One

Budget: $NZ85,000 – $100,000
Phase One involves the upgrading of the Kete codebase to modernise the system and enable further development. This work would be performed by Rabid, a Wellington-based software company who have invested in planning on the project. They have worked with Kete in previous projects and have the support of Walter McGinnis, who will be collaborating on the technical implementation.

Rabid also seeks to promote the project to more organisations in line with the spirit of Kete. They envisage being a long-term supporter and are seeking opportunities to introduce Kete into other countries, particularly Australia.

Phase Two

Budget: $NZ115,000 – $165,000
Phase Two has a more open roadmap incorporating the features referred to in the section previous (Kete Features and Development Opportunities).

Attention will focus on modernisation of the design; developing usability and associated contexts such as larger storage and bandwidth requirements; rich media display; and implications of the UFB network on software requirements.

Front-end development of the website is required, with a usability review to implement a user-focused design that will allow easier browsing and workflow.

Mobile application demonstrating the capabilities for mobile and design requirements; this may involve exploring the context of mobile use cases with members and users of the software to inform incremental developments.

The deliverables will be prioritised and completed in phases of two to four months, with time for consultation with the community of users.

We would welcome your feedback on priorities for this phase as this will impact on features getting attention.