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You can use Kete RSS feeds in you facebook account.

Here is what I did to get my latest posts on to appear on my facebook profile.

Firstly log into facebook and click on "Applications" (just under the search on the left hand side of the page). Then click "Browse More Applications" and search for "Simply RSS" then add it to your profile.

Next browse to a topic you have written and click on your name. This automatically does a search for Results in topics contributed by "Your Name".

At the bottom of this search page click on the RSS link and copy the url from the browser. 

Go back to facebook can click "Add New Feed" in the Simply RSS application. Paste in the URL you copied and check the "Enable feed on profile?" checkbox at the bottom of the form.

Click add and you are done.

You can do this for any search in Kete not just for your own contributions. 

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