Originally written by Walter McGinnis, Kete Project Lead for Katipo Communications, Ltd.

What is a Kete Theme?

Kete themes are bundles of files, such as stylesheets or image files, that change the look of your whole Kete site or just a basket. They must conform to certain conventions.

old.kete.net.nz provides a repository of themes that you may download and add to your Kete site. You'll may also contribute themes back to the Kete community by uploading them to the repository.

Themes sound cool, how can I take advantage of them?

Here are the steps to adding a new theme to your Kete site:

You need to be a site administrator on YOUR site to make new themes available there. After that administrators for each basket can select from the themes you have made available.

The default look for each basket will be determined by the theme selected for the site basket.

Besides themes, what other ways can I change the appearance of my site or basket?