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Kete Community Meeting, 26 June 2012

APNK HQ, Cavendish Rd, Christchurch

In attendance: Paul Sutherland (Christchurch City Libraries), Pat Mock (Waimakariri District Libraries), Jan Watts (Waimakariri District Libraries), Jo Ransom (Horowhenua Library Trust), Andy Robertson (National Library of New Zealand – APNK), Moata Tamaira, (National Library of New Zealand – APNK), Christine Nana via teleconference (Puke Ariki)

Apologies: Pippa Coard (Horowhenua Library Trust), Chris McClement  (National Library of New Zealand – APNK)

Despite videoconferencing working perfectly in a test the day before technical difficulties prevented Christine Nana from attending in this way. She was able to teleconference in at a

Kia ora Kete people,

Would you be interested in attending a Kete Community Meeting in Christchurch later this month?

The Aotearoa People's Network Kaharoa hosts a number of Kete around the country and we will be holding a meeting to discuss the future development of this product. We think the conversation will be enhanced by getting as many opinions and ideas from Kete users, admins and developers as possible. Your contact details have been forwarded to us as someone who may be interested in attending.

Details are as follows:

Kete Community Meeting

Happy New Year!

Kete 1.3 has been marked as the stable branch (i.e. officially gone from "feature frozen" to "released"). Kete 1.3 represents a huge amount of work beyond Kete 1.2. Many people and organizations have contributed inspiration, code, feedback, and funding to this effort (see Credits below for details). Thank you to the contributors and to everyone that uses Kete.

As usual, to grab the code see the downloads page for info on how or browse the code online at http://github.com/kete/kete/.


A feature overview is available here:


Perhaps the biggest set of features are around Multilanguage Support

All documentation, discussion and resources about the Kete project.

 Winner of the 2007 3M Award for Innovation in Libraries.


Click here to read about our vision for the Kete project.

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