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A summary of the major features in Kete 1.3.

Kete 1.3 is packed with over two years work of new features. If you would like to get a sense of the full breadth of the work done check out the 1.3 Milestone for the gory details.

Note: Find guides for how to take these features here or following corresponding "guide" link.

Overview of Features in 1.3:

  • External Searches
    • Kete sites can define "external search sources" (including DigitalNZ, any other Kete site, or other sites that implement the OpenSearch standard) that will return results under "more resources" on search result pages along with local search results or "other resources" from a predefined search based on an item's title on an item's detail page under "other resources" (guide).
  • Translation
    • Translate a Kete site's User Interface: you can now change any of a Kete site's user interface text to suit different languages (or even to alter the text in the same language to suit your site's context, guide).
    • Support for multilinqual sites: mechanisms for setting up a default "locale" (i.e. language or dialect/localization of a language) and additional locales for a site. User Interface elements for people to change locale or set their preferred locale (guide).
      • Note, a repository of existing locale translations is planned. If you would like to contribute a translation, please get in contact. Chinese has been completed and will be released with the repository. Te Reo is in the works.
    • Translate Content through Kete Translatable Content Add-on (see below)
  • Add-ons System
    • Kete can now have it functionality extended without altering its core codebase. The first example of this is the Kete Translatable Content add-on, a system for adding crowdsourced content translation to multilingual Kete sites.
  • Search
    • Search Menu along with Refine Your Search menu on results pages: Magnifying glass icon in search bar now provides a dropdown with controls for specifying many search options, as well as saving "Recent Searches" for a person. A corresponding Refine Your Search link and menu has been added to Browse and Search results pages.
    • Date support: "since" and "until" date range search controls, as well as date info display for results, has been added.
  • Improvements to Multimedia Handling
    • Kete sites now operate as oEmbed provider for Images and Topics: details are here. This provides the basis to add Audio, Video and Document oEmbed provider support in the future.
    • Image Selector in Rich Text Editor: details are here. A integrated way to choose an image to insert into a descriptin by browsing or searching images from the Kete site. Huge usability improvement! This also provides the basis to add the same functionality for audio, video, and document selection (including plugging in outside source of media searching and browsing) in the future. This feature was implemented by money gathered in the Kete community's first direct fundraising campaign.
  • Maps integrated into Browse and Search results (guide)
  • Imports (guide)
    • Bulk Import from data exported from Excel
    • Sophisticated controls for relating imported items to designated topics in source data
    • Import Guide
    • Create PDF from bulk imported images from source data (i.e. images in a Folder for a row of import data)
  • Misc:
    • Add handling of IE specific CSS rules in Theme system (guide)
    • All of Site and Combined Results RSS Feeds
    • Related Image Slideshow on Topic Detail Page
    • Items have metadata compatible with Zotero
    • Moderation/Flagging/History improvements
    • Non-registered user allowed actions (e.g. comments, guide)

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