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Walter McGinnis
Kete Project Lead


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I'm trying to change the way I import images so that digits in the keywords field of the image (such
How to install Kete on Gentoo Linux.
Any additional information regarding configuring Kete to work work with Ruby Version Manager
A summary of the major features in Kete 1.3.
Part of the Import Guide. What happens after the import and tips on troubleshooting if things go wrong.
Part of the Import Guide. Explores the options presented in the form for a new import.
Part of the Import Guide. Preparing the data and how to format it in an Excel spreadsheet
Part of the Import Guide. What is involved in preparing the Kete site's configuration to map your source data to
Part of the Import Guide. Describes moving data to be imported to onto the Kete server.
The overarching guide for importing external data into Kete. Broken up into sections depending on what type you are doing.

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