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How to install Kete on Gentoo Linux.

For the installation a current and fully updated version of Gentoo is used, as of 2012-11-01, and the current version of Kete is used.

The first installation was done using the steps described in the official installation routine and updated and adapted for Gentoo.

The installation uses the rvm tool to manage ruby and its environment. This was chosen because Kete needs Rails 2.3.5 and this is no longer supported by Gentoo. The installation is only for development purpose and does NOT use apache and passenger. If you want to do this you have to run rvm as the root user and follow the additional steps from the main installation routine.

The first step is to check the preconditions for installed modules.

ketet@host $ emerge zebra yaz memcached mysql libyaml imagemagick exiftool

The zebra package isn't part of the offical package database. To be able to install it you can for example add the following overlay:

For more informations on overlays and Gentoo visit these addresses:

In a typical Gentoo installation the following  dependencies should already be installed. Nevertheless you can check if that is the case:

kete@host $ emerge libiconv readline zlib openssl curl git libyaml sqlite libxslt libtool gcc autoconf automake bison m4 -av1

When the preconditions are met you should be able to execute the following steps.

Get rvm:

kete@host $ \curl -L | bash -s stable 
kete@host $ source /home/kete/.rvm/scripts/rvm

Get Ruby enterprise edition as stated in the Kete documentation

kete@host $ rvm install ree-1.8.7
kete@host $ unset RUBYOPT; sudo env-update #JUST for Gentoo
kete@host $ gem update --system 1.3.7
kete@host $ gem install rails --version 2.3.5
kete@host $ gem install mysql

kete@host $ rvm @global do gem uninstall rake
kete@host $ rvm @global do gem install rake -v=0.8.7

kete@host $ gem install rdoc
kete@host $ gem install rdoc-data; rdoc-data --install

kete@host $ gem install nokogiri
kete@host $ rake manage_gems:required:install
kete@host $ gem install mini_exiftool
kete@host $ gem install rmagick --version 2.12.2

kete@host $ rake kete:tools:set_locales
kete@host $ nano config/locales.yml

kete@host $ cp config/backgroundrb.yml.example config/backgroundrb.yml
kete@host $ nano config/backgroundrb.yml

kete@host $ cp config/database.example config/database.yml
kete@host $ nano config/database.example

kete@host gem uninstall i18n

kete@host $ rake db:bootstrap

Start backgroudnrb:

kete@host $ script/backgroundrb start

Start zebra:

kete@host $ rake zebra:init
kete@host $ rake zebra:load_initial_records
kete@host $ rake zebra:start

Start Kete:

kete@host $ script/server

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