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The overarching guide for importing external data into Kete. Broken up into sections depending on what type you are doing.

Based on a guide originally written for Aotearoa People’s Network Kaharoa.

Note: This is a guide for more complex "bulk imports" facility in Kete (accessable . Though related, the Related Items' "Import Set" feature is a much simpler process and the directions found on the import set page should hopefully be enough for most users. Continue on if you want the Bulk Import feature.

Importing data in bulk into Kete involves a number of steps which may vary depending on what type of data you are importing and how you want it to be presented in Kete. This guide will break things up into sections so that you can mix and match to suit your situation.

Here are the large areas of work for most imports:

  1. External data preparation
  2. Getting your data to the Kete server
  3. Preparing Kete's configuration for your data
  4. Choosing your import options
  5. Monitoring the import process and troubleshooting issues

External data preparation

Preparing you data for Kete import depends on what format it is in. Choose from one of the subguides below for this step:

  • How to prepare data from Excel
  • How to prepare data in a simple XML schema
  • How to prepare data from Past Perfect 4 (type available, but guide not written)
  • How to prepare data from Filemaker Pro (type available, but guide not written)
  • How to prepare data from DFC XML (type available, but guide not written)

If your system isn't listed here, you may still have options. Many other types of data can be supported by adding an interim data step that creates data in simple XML schema.

Once you have prepared your data for the format it is in, come back here and proceed onto Getting your data to the Kete server.

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