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Part of the Import Guide. Explores the options presented in the form for a new import.

Part of the Import Guide. Based on a guide originally written for Aotearoa People’s Network Kaharoa.

Choosing your import options and beginning the import

Now that your Kete site is configured to accept your data in the way that you want and the system administrator has placed your import folder on the server, it is time to set your final import options and trigger the import. 

Follow these steps:

  1. login to your site using an account that is a site administrator and a technical administrator
  2. choose which basket you want to import your data into, then navigate to that basket
  3. click on the import content link in the Tools for basket area at the bottom of the page
  4. click on the start new import link on the resulting import list page

At this point you will end up at the New Import form. There are a number of options to consider:

Choose someone to be contributor of imported items (optional)

In numerous places on each site, Kete displays the registered user that created each item, even if it is bulk imported. This option allows a site administrator to set another member of the basket as the creating user of the import's items.

For example, if you were importing a set of images from a historical society to Kete you might set up an account for that historical society and then choose that account as the "contributor of imported items". That way it will appear as if the historical society had added the items with their own account.

To use this feature, enter the user's name you want to give credit for this import and hit search. Select the user you want from the drop down menu and hit Choose. You'll be returned to the form with that user selected. 

What is the name of your folder under the imports directory?

Input the import folder name in this box.

How long should we wait in seconds between processing records?

This field will add an interval between processing records so as not to overwhelm your server and cause interruption to regular web requests. You may want to check with your system administrator to see if an interval is necessary. If no interval is necessary, entering 0 will speed up the time your import takes. 

Import Type?

Choose based on the format of your source data. E.g. Excel.

Applicable Item Type?

Choose what type of items you will be importing. E.g images.

If you are importing topics, you'll also be prompted for Applicable Topic Type.

What tags should we add to each imported item (separated by commas)? (optional)

Any tags that you enter into this field will be added to ALL items for this import. Tags assigned in the data for a row will be added for individual items in addition to the ones you specify for this field (unless they are redundant, in which case they will only be added once to the item). 

Beginning Description Template and End Description Template (optional)

Whatever you enter into these fields will be added to ALL items for this import. The beginning description template will be added before any description data from the relevant row whereas the end description template will be added after. This can be used to add things like a copyright notice to every imported item, etc. 

You may also choose to have all imported items be under one of these licenses.

You may use this feature to assign ALL items of this import a particular license.

After you have filled out the form, click the "Import" button to begin the import.

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