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Part of the Import Guide. What is involved in preparing the Kete site's configuration to map your source data to its eventual location in Kete.

Part of the Import Guide. Based on a guide originally written for Aotearoa People’s Network Kaharoa.


Note: If you simply have data that will slot right into Kete's standard fields (and optionally plus a file specified for image, audio, video, and document imports), you can review this guide and then proceed to the next section.

In Kete, you are not constrained to only use the fields included in the application out of the box. The type of data you can collect and present on your site is customizable. Kete also has a concept of import synonyms which allows you to identify data called one thing in your data then move it to a field named something else in Kete. These features are very useful when you are importing data to your Kete site because you can usually alter your site to match your source data while not being locked into the naming of it.

For example, Kete doesn't come with a built-in field for categorising an item, but as a site administrator you can add one as outlined in this guide. Or what if you want to keep track of where a photograph was taken? You can use this guide to harvest geographic information embedded in images.

At this point it is important to look at your source data (or in the case of Excel imports, look at the spreadsheet), and decide where it should end up on your Kete site. Kete includes previously mentioned Extended Fields, topic types, as well as choices tools to allow you to shape the information on your site to suit your needs. Setting these up is beyond the scope of this document, but you can find more guides on to help you.

You'll also need to decide what columns in your source data should end up in Kete's standard fields.

Once you have decided on what extended fields, choices, and topic types you want as well as what data should end up in Kete's standard fields, you'll want to go through the steps outlined in this guide.

You may also want to revisit how you put together your source data in the first place and make alterations.

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