Topic: How can I configure support for extracting geotags from uploaded images in Kete?

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As of 1.2, Kete can be set up to pull a JPEG file's embedded geotag information and use it to display where the image was taken on a Google map.

To do this, you must do three things:

  • set up the site's use of Google maps as outlined here (but only up to the point before adding an extended field)
  • enabling embedded metadata harvesting as put forward here
  • create an extended field with the correct import synonym, that uses Google maps, and add it to the StillImage content type, as discussed next:

Create a 'map' or 'map with address' Extended Field 

Extended fields are how Kete sites allow site administrators to add more fields to the forms on the site.  For more background check out this. You need to add one so Kete will collect and display the uploaded file's GPS Position value. Let's go ahead and create an extended field that will work:

  1. as a site administrator click Administrator's Toolbox > extended fields link
  2. click Create new on the top right in the body of the page
  3. Label - you may fill in whatever is appropriate for label, perhaps "Photograph location" or "Taken at".
  4. Xml element name - Only relevant to Kete 1.3 or above - dc:coverage (IMPORTANT for "view on map" aggregated map results)
  5. Ftype - you must choose either location on map or location on map with address to get the Google map display
  6. Example - it is probably a good idea to explain to your users that this will be set automatically if their image contains a geotag, but this field is optional
  7. Import Synonyms - put in GPSPosition as value (IMPORTANT!)
  8. click Create

Add the Extended Field to the Still Image Content Type

Note: this will also work for Topic Types, just follow the steps, but click topic types in Administrator's Toolbox to start.

Next you will need to add the field you just created to the form for images. Do this:

  1. click Administrator's Toolbox > content types
  2. click edit for the line that begins with images for controller value
  3. under Available Form Fields, check optional or required depending on your circumstances (optional is usually best)
  4. click Add to Content Type

That's it.  It should work for any uploaded images after this point. A map will appear on the image detail page pinpointing where it was taken (if the image included that embedded data). In 1.3, browse/search results also have an option to show all images returned on a map.





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