Topic: How can I allow non-registered users to comment, etc.?

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This topic is a guide to the enhancement put forward on Ticket #295 where site administrators can designate actions (i.e. commenting) on the site that the public can do without registering. We refer to these users as anonymous, though we ask for some info.

We refer to the public (non-registered users) as "anonymous" for the purposes of this functionality, though we ask them for optional information about themselves. This should help to distinguish this functionality from public/private version functionality in Kete content.

Feature Summary

Kete 1.3 introduces the ability for site administrators to allow certain actions, determined by a system setting, to be taken by a non-registered user if they enter an email address and answer a security question (captcha or logic question).

This is useful for allowing non-registered users to comment or contact basket administrators.

At this time, these are the two scenarios that are tested and recommended. Other actions are possible, but haven't been tested for Kete 1.3.

The feature is described in Ticket #295.


As a site administrator with tech administrator privileges, do the following.

  1. Scroll to the bottom of any page and find the Administrator's Toolbox
  2. Click reconfigure site
  3. click Advanced Options
  4. Click Server
  5. Scroll down to the Allowed Anonymous Actions setting, read the information for it THOROUGHLY!
  6. Fill out the setting accordingly and click Save
  7. Click Restart Server button

After restarting the server, the actions that you have specified will not prompt the user to login OR enter name, email, and website with a captcha.

If you choose to allow anonymous comments, they will behave similarly to many blog platforms comment systems.

If you want to enable anonymous filling out of the contact form, you probably want to read this topic about using the Contact link:

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