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Kete was discussed during two presentations at CIL2008, numerous blogs took note.

Kete was talked about as a part of sessions at the Computers in Libraries 2008 conference in Arlington, Virginia last week.

On Monday Roy Tennant, whom has discussed Kete in his blog in the past, mentioned it as part of his presentation on User Generated Content.

On Wednesday Eric Atkinson, from Orange County Library Systems, discussed their use of Kete in the context of Open Source during a two part presentation titled "Open Source Solutions to Offer Superior Service".  OCLS has worked with Liblime and Katipo Communications to set up their Kete site.

The plugs for the project at CIL2008 have resulted in Kete popping up in numerous blogs.

It's great to see Kete and Kete Horowhenua so well received outside of New Zealand. 

Sidenote - I was tempted to title this blog post, "Kete Go America" as an allusion to "Leningrad Cowboys Go America", but I figured I would have to explain my bad use of grammar and if you have to explain the joke it looses its oomf.  Oh well.



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