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In preparation for releasing Kete 1.1's work, we have moved to new services where Open Source Software is thriving.

Kete is an open source Ruby on Rails application.  As such it exists in a vibrant technical community where people are constantly reevaluating how to do things.

When Kete started, Subversion was the version control software of choice.  Subversion was a big step up from other systems, such as CVS.  However it did have some annoyances.  There was some experimentation with other distributed version control systems like Mercurial.  After some debate, the Rails community has largely settled on Git ( and the Ruby on Rails project repository is a Git repository.

It didn't stop there though, the project eventually moved its own version control repository to a service that was built with Rails by technical innovators from within its community, Github (

Meanwhile, the same sort of story was happening with issue tracking (also called bug tracking or ticket tracking).  Trac, which had served the community nobly for a time, was losing its place as a best in class piece of software.  Ruby on Rails decided to transition from Trac to an online service called Lighthouse (  Again, written by some of the leaders from within the Rails community.

Both Github and Lighthouse have plans that allow open source projects to use their services for free.  In combination they can been seen as some of the best of the next generation of tools for supporting  open source projects.  They are more user friendly than older sites like Sourceforge.

We've also decided to change to these new services for our needs.  So check out and and let us know what you think.

For the time being we will maintain a mirror of our code in subversion for those that can't make the switch with us right away.  However, once 1.1 is made available the subversion repository will not get new updates.

The old issue tracker will be turned off on August 4th after we complete the transition of existing open tickets to  If you have open tickets you will be notified via email of where to find them at the new site.


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