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The Kete database will consist of topics and items (working labels). Topics are like wikipedia articles and therefore content focussed, while items are arranged by format and will be clustered as follows:
  • Images : digital image files of photographs or objects.
  • Documents : uploaded files included pdfs of maps, archives etc and word-like documents.
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Urls : to web resources
and we will also include text created ‘live' in Kete; stories or reminiscences etc. that are not topics in their own right. We are still working this bit out, but may have an item group of html material (would this include discussion comments which contain the search term?) or maybe file them with documents ..... anyway watch this space. The initial launch will contain a seed collection of 5000 - 7000 images from the Foxton and Horowhenua Historical Societies' Horowhenua Historical Photograph collection. It will be supplemented with ‘Proof of concept' collections built or sourced by library staff and volunteers. The emphasis has been on crafting webs of inter-related, multi media material, to demonstrate what can be done with Kete. Anyone can - and we hope - will add items, comments to discussion threads and gather items together under a Topic.

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