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Progress is going extremely well. The software will be launched to our partners and volunteers on 5th March, and we will spend a few months populating the database before the official launch of the Kete Horowhenua website later in May. We are receiving an increasing number of inquiries about when Kete will be available for download and use by other communities. The code is not finished but is getting very close. Our problem is that we are over budget. We need $25,000 to finish this work - and we aren't too proud to ask for donations! If you think you will benefit from Kete please consider donating to help us finish writing it. If 5 people or organisations gave us $5,000 each we would get this software out and ready to go in about 6 weeks! (and of course there is nothing stopping you giving more if you can afford it!) If you would like to contribute, please send cheques to Horowhenua Library Trust, 10 Bath Street, Levin, New Zealand. We are a registered charitable trust and can provide invoices or receipts on request.

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