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We are gearing up for the informal launch of the software on Monday of next week; only 6 more sleeps to go! I have to say, that with less than a week to go, things are actually pretty calm around here (although I'm not sure Walter and Russ are in that same happy place yet?). There are still odds and ends to fix; just bugs but no blockers, and there are some things that are not going to meet the deadline (discussion forum and search drawing on the library catalogue and cemeteries database), but nothing technically difficult. Who would have thought! We have even written the User Manual !! Pippa and I are steadily adding content; we have hundreds of typed documents which we are loading in. We have decided to add the pdf of the original handwritten minutes as an item, and then the typed transcript in the description field. This has the happy result of making the entire document key word searchable, yet the original document is viewable as a source document for those with better eyes than us to decipher the beautiful script.

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