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Another handful of inquiries about the code release this week - including from the USA. The problem we have is cash. We have just about got Kete Horowhenua where we want it; still a handful of bugs to fix but all core functionality and proof of concept work is done now. We seriously underestimated our development budget for Kete (being a bunch of wildly optimistic Kiwi's) and have been finishing the product off with voluntary labour and no budget. The next step is getting the code ready to release - and for this we will have to pay the developer! We propose to do the following: 1. Build a release of the code (minus all the Horowhenua customizations) that can be downloaded, installed and configured using a web based wizard to step newbies through the process, thus allowing a unique Kete installation. 2. Develop a prototype for skins or themes to allow a customized installation reflecting an organisations culture or style. 3. Establishing a community site for developers and users. So, the short answer is the code will be available when we manage to find another $US 50k to make it so. We have an application in to our original funders, NZ National Digital Strategy : Community partnership Fund, for a second chunk of cash to make Kete available for all who want it, and we should hear back late June. Meanwhile, if you want the code then you may need to consider helping us out financially. The Library Trust has taken a huge financial hit getting Kete this far - because they love it - but we'll need help to get it out to the world.

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