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Kete King Country (
Kete King Country is a joint project between Otorohanga District Library and Waitomo District Library to digitally gather and share the stories of the Otorohanga and Waitomo districts. We hope you will join us to create a record of the histories of our farming communities and towns, of our Maniapoto heritage, and also of contemporary local events.
Kete Hauraki Coromandel (
Kete Hauraki Coromandel is a joint project between Thames-Coromandel District Libraries and Hauraki District Libraries, and is supported by The National Library of New Zealand and Aotearoa People's Network Kaharoa.
Kete Marlborough (
Kete Marlborough is a knowledge basket of topics, images, audio, video, web links, documents, and discussions which are collected and catalogued by the site's community.
Northeast Kansas History (
A history site run by Northeast Kansas Library System.
Kete Rotorua (
This resource is to record and preserve the heritage of the Rotorua District for our future community. (
Everything about Restrock and those who have come there over the years. An online gathering place for those that love that special place.
Te Arai Kete (
A social and natural history database of the Te Arai region, Auckland, New Zealand. A community led project with seed funding kindly provided by the ASB Community Trust.
Tauranga Memories (
Tauranga City Libraries is facilitating an online digital ‘knowledge basket’ the Tauranga Memories to capture the spirit of Tauranga and its communities. Our vision is to capture these memories through your personal stories, photographs, video and audio footage. (
If you have works of art, antiques or other cultural valuables at risk in Christchurch you can record them here.
Archives Central (
A combined database for the archives of seven councils in the Horizons Region, including the Regional Council. As of December 2010 Wanganui and Palmerston North are listed, with the others to be added over 2011.
Kete Kawerau (
Have you got a story or memory of Kawerau that you want to share with us? You can help by adding items to our Kete Kawerau for current and future generations to enjoy. This kete has been created to capture and preserve the historical and current memories, stories, and activities of the Kawerau community. We need you to add topics, images, audio, video, web links, documents, and discussion to create a knowledge basket that captures and communicates the spirit of Kawerau.
Kete Hurunui (
This kete is supported by the Aotearoa Peoples Network Kaharoa and the Hurunui District Libraries.
Kete Masterton (
Kakama (
Kakama is an open source event and staff scheduling system developed by Katipo Communications Ltd.
Vicky (
Testing as of mid-Apr 2010
Environmental Earth Sciences : Private Corporate Library - Password protected - (
Environmental Earth Sciences are independent specialists in the fields of soil science; geology; hydrogeology; geochemistry; water pollution; waste management; and environmental monitoring, measurement and management. For information about their Kete deployment email irma - at - calyx dot net dot au . Environmental Earth Sciences is a division of the Environmental Earth Sciences Group. This group has an affiliated property services company, GreenPlus Property Services, which represents the definitive standard in holistic environmental assessment and ongoing environmental management for existing and new buildings worldwide.
Montpelier Energy Team (
The online collaborative workspace of the Montpelier Energy Team. MET will dedicate one basket to each project group defined in the November 12, 2009 meeting (Transportation; Communal Usership; Homes/Weatherization; et al).  Within it MET will keep documents, links, video/audio files.
New It Make! (
Community radio show on copyright, the creative commons, the public domain and free culture.
KeteSelwyn (
This resource is to record and preserve the heritage of the Selwyn District of New Zealand - set up via the Aoteroa People's Network.
Kete Katipo (
Kete Katipo is aimed at Katipo staff, clients, and those interested in Katipo's services. It's an example of using Kete as an intranet/extranet. If you haven't registered on Kete Katipo, don't be surprised if you don't see much there. Most of the material on the site is private and securely tucked away from public view. The site contains client specific areas where members of the client team and Katipo staff may add items in collaboration related to the projects they are working on, such as proposals, images of wireframes, etc. It also contains areas limited to Katipo staff where Katipo documents their processes in an easy to update manner that promotes cross-linking of related items.
Kete Waimakariri (
Baptistlife (
Kete Christchurch (
Orlando Memory (
Central Hawke's Bay Kete (
Home to the digital stories of Central Hawke's Bay