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A place to discuss what should be included in the Kete 2.0 release.

Here's the new Kete 2.0 in milestone:

This is just a starting point. It is very much an evolving idea of what should be in Kete 2.0. It is meant to get people firing up their imaginations about what could be on the horizon.

What would you like to see in Kete 2.0?

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West Coast Kete - suggestions from Buller, Grey and Westland district libraries, ICT WC and Kete administrators:

1. Suggested improvements to website, navigation and content for Ease of use:

 ·       Better and clear instructions, explain terminology

·       More intuitive navigation and easy steps to follow

·       Need to attract more users to the side – engage with citizens to create content

·       Bulk upload facility

·       Metadata need explanation and encouraged, users need to understand why tags are important, encourage more and better tagging

·       Online editing or workspace facility - allow editing after uploading (e.g. bring multiple documents into right order)

·       Baskets disappeared from top bars, would be good to have them back

·       Viewing images should become easier; link to “View” original files need bolded or better highlighted

·       Explanations missing, e.g. adding items or “Topic” not self explaining, maybe we need to change wording from “Topic” to “Multiple formats”

·       How to avoid duplication of uploaded content?

 2. Kete in the wider context

 ·       Rethink whole structure of kete – kete needs to be on a national level instead of having regionalised ketes. We suggest accessibility for the whole country

·       Needs to be supported by Government

·       Suggest business case to Government to achieve national funding and leadership.

·       Need to gain national advocacy to make kete a community repository for all New Zealanders

·       Suggest APNK approaching DIA to formulate a business case for a national Kete solution

·       Suggest investigation if APLM would support a national kete initiative to lobby on behalf of public libraries

·       DigitalNew Zealandand kete need to be stronger linked together:

·       e.g. Link to Digital NZ results or search box on kete website

·       e.g. Digital NZ website “Make it digital” could promote availability and use of ketes for community

·       e.g. Maybe even integration of kete into Digital NZ for community content?

·       Centralised marketing and promotion for Kete like TV add’s and national media campaign

 3. Kete administration 

  • There is a level of frustration about usability
  • Proposed changes and improvements to kete didn’t come through yet

4. Kete and Public Libraries

 Previous kete workshops and kete promotion were funded by WC ICT funding which is not available any more.

Libraries now are depending on voluntary activities.

  • Libraries have difficulty sustaining local funding for kete
  • Desire to work closer with GLAM sector but needs to be facilitated
  • Libraries volunteer staff and time to digitize or promote kete, but in-house resources are getting less available
  • Libraries are interested in engaging with schools to encourage skill building and usage of regional kete for student projects and can focus on this
  • West Coast ICT kids conference might incorporate workshop for CYBERians to reinject kete skills on schools


Tauranga City Libraries -wishlist

  • Capacity to locate articles in multiple baskets (more than just linking).
  • Capacity to have slideshows of images within an article not just at basket level.
  • A "Read it Later' function that links to Pocket accounts etc.
  • Easier layout options - looks a bit 1990 at the moment.
  • Capacity to add images within an article that don't need to be uploaded as a separate/archived image. i.e. for illustrative reasons only. E.G. the wordle in the Ernie Cox story. At the moment copying pages from a website does this so it is possible

Puke Ariki wish list/queries (notes from Walter with *)

  • Is it possible to get hit rate statistics for the various baskets in  Kete? * could you elaborate? third party web statistics packages can break down by URL, etc. What are you looking for?
  • Sometimes there is a delay in seeing an uploaded item, just wondering why that is and if it can be looked at? * the search engine has to be updated as well as the item, this is the likely cause of the delay, 1.3 may address some of your concerns
  • Likely release date for new version of Kete - is it 1.3 or 2.0? * 1.3 was released at the beginning of the year, an incremental 1.4 release is being worked on (as a follow up) with its scope in flux, 2.0 is long term planning at this point (June, 2012)
  • We would like to be able to upload data from cells in a spreadsheet into Kete - is that possible? * possibly in 1.4 or 2.0 it has been requested and I believe there may be funding to cover the work
  • Is it possible to change the chosen license for a topic? * only "behind the scenes" at this point, i.e. you have to have programmer knowledge and it depends ont the cirumstances

From Walter in regards to Kete 2.0 and "single sign-on" recently funded a Kete add-on for the support for BrowserID (in the process of being re-branded as Persona, but developer documentation, etc. is still using BrowserID currently) which is a single authorization tool by Mozilla (the non-profit that are the creators of the Firefox browser). It has been implemented and is now in use. Although not a true Single Sign On solution, it does provide some some of the convenience that you would expect from such solutions (single password, managed outside of any individual site) and is an open source  alternative that is supported by a non-profit foundation rather than something controlled by a specific corporation like Facebook Connect, Twitter, or Google.


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