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Schedule for training a 4 hour introductory session.

Creating And Editing Users

  1. Click the register link and sign up as a new user
  2. Log in as admin and  set that user have the required users level if you need to be a moderator or admin
    1. At the same time explain the Admin, Basket Admin, Tech Admin and Moderator roles
    2. Explain how to set passwords and reset passwords for users

What is a Basket ?

Explain how the concept of baskets works in kete

Types of content in Kete 

Brief explanation of what the various types of content, Topic, audio file ... are.

Not covering extended fields.

Adding New Topics

How to add a new topic into a basket. 

Editing Topics

How the various functions of the WYSIWYG editor work  

Cutting and Pasting Content 

Using the "paste as plain tex" and "paste from word buttons" to control formatting and strip bad html

Adding Images 

How to upload a new image to kete and how to create a new link to it.  

Adding Documents

How to add new documents

Basket Homepages 

What the various options do on the  "homepage options" tab of basket preferences do.

Other Basket Options

Moderation, how it works and what it does.

Themes how to set a new theme.

Members screen (already covered in users section) 


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