Topic: What about having my Kete hosted by a vendor?

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An outline of what goes into having your Kete hosted.

Originally written by Walter McGinnis, Kete Project Lead for Katipo Communications, Ltd.

Having your Kete hosted can be a range of services provided by the vendor.

  • A fully hosted Kete would mean that the vendor is responsible for the hardware, software, backups, facility, and network connection for running your Kete and you are only responsible for site admininistration.
  • You might opt to own the hardware, but have vendor house it and handle the rest (i.e. colocation or telehousing).
  • The vendor may provide different levels of service plans with prices that vary based on things like:
    • storage
    • CPU resources
    • RAM memory
    • network traffic
    • whether you have a "dedicated", "virtual dedicated", or "shared" host

There is also a hybrid of DIY and Hosted where you use a raw host or colocate your machine at the vendors facility, but you do all the software installation and managment.  In other words the vendor provides the facility and the network connection.  They may also offer other services like backups as well.

Because there are a range of services that all fall under the "Hosted" banner, it's hard to break down the advantages and all the things to consider.  However, the main thing is that you aren't responsible for the facility and network connection.  This incurs costs of course, but may be more secure and reliable than providing them yourself.

If you opt for full hosting, than you may greatly simplify what you need to run your Kete and the vendor may be able to provide a reasonable rate because they are hosting multiple Kete clients, etc.  One thing to keep in mind is that you will have deal with someone outside of your organisation from time to time and pay the bills.

See the Kete vendors page.

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