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An evolving programme for the 2nd Kete Community Day being held at the Jet Park Airport Hotel and Conference Centre, Mangere, Auckland.


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The Kete day is being preceded by a separate meeting with DIA funded projects: Auckland City Libraries, Taranki oTe Reo Trust, HLT and Katipo. That will be at Auckland City Libraries on Monday afternoon.

The Kete Day is designed as an introduction to people who would like to learn more about the Kete project  (including APN partner libraries who have never heard of Kete or never seen it demonstrated), various Kete projects throughout NZ (including DIA funded projects) and how to go about getting a Kete install off the ground.

I have started a framework of a programme for the day, trying to incorporate the suggestions that occur at the bottom of the page. The programme is in fairly good shape now. Feel free to edit it as you think fit.

Developing Programme

9am Coffee, registration, meet and greet. 
 9.30 am Session 1


 Joann Ransom, Kete Poject Manager, Horowhenua Library Trust.

Includes: welcome, overview of the project.

 9.40 am
Session 2

 Current Kete Projects

led by Walter McGinnis, Kete Project Lead, Katipo Communications.

20 mins    Kete Horowhenua (Jo Ransom: how one community is using Kete)
20 mins    Mental Health Commission (Steven Upritchard: An overview of Kete used as a CMS).
20 mins    Te Reo o Taranaki (Ruakere Hond)
20 mins    Auckland Chinese Community Project (Walter and others)
20 mins    Buffer / other Kete projects.

 11 am
 Coffee break
  11.15Session 3Rights Management Issues

led by Steven Upritchard, Kete Developer, Katipo Communications.

 5 mins    Creative Commons and Kete 1.0+  (Jo and Walter : the current situation egs of Horowhenua and Te Reo O Taranaki)

30 mins    Introducing the Creative Commons, Aotearoa Peoples Network and Kete (Paul Sutherland).

10 mins and Open Source (Steven, Walter, and James from Katipo)
 12.00 Session 4

Aotearoa Peoples Network and Kete

Paul Sutherland, Christchurch City Libraries

30 mins    Aotearoa Peoples Network

15 mins    buffer

 12.45 pm
 1.30 pm
 Session 5

 Kete - a Practical Session

Led by Walter

10 min Introduction, followed by Q&A 

Includes: A discussion of what Kete can do now, how it may be configured, and an outline of features that are in the works or on the wishlist.

 2.30 pm

 Making the most of the Kete Project:  Community and Resources

led by Jo.

Includes: today: how it operates, resources, decision making, Kete Community Days now and in future

 3pm Coffee Break
 3.15pm Session 7

 Making the most of the Kete Project: Collaboration

led by Jo

Includes: coordinating future development path of the project / code, managing code base, collaboratively funding enhancements  etc, and Kete Project administration.

4pm onwards
Casual get together in the bar ? meetings with Katipo ??


Please feel free to enter your programme suggestions here:

 1. I'd love people thinking of other Kete projects to share with us what they are planning, any issues / queries they have...

2. A significant part of the day should be dedicated to things that are relevant to those already in the community, such as governance, issues around management of the codebase, and (definitely the most sexy) features that have been added since last meeting or in the works, and input for adding features.

3. Format of future Kete Community Meetings, regularity, cost, what people would like to see included, good places to announce the meetings.

4. Presentation from Paul Sutherland - 2 parts a. the Creative Commons, the APN and Kete b. APN and Kete 

5. The differences / overheads / implications of having many small kete installations, against one big installation (from both a user and technical support standpoint).

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