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When doing a search on a kete site I get results I really don't expect.

With the Coming Home project swinging into action we tried to do a search on the  ketekawarau kete site for "war". We got 30 results out of 37.

None of the results have war in them.  They do have "was" so the fuziness of the search is perhaps too fuzzy. 

So I thought why not search for some porn.  I did this on and you can imagine my delight when I discovered that there are 9 topics and 5 discussions on porn.   But no.  There's stuff about port however.

How about "lol cat" hmmm 49 topics on, thats great.  What ? no cute pictures of fuzzy kitties....

So how does the search work......?  Its getting too fuzzy and if it does fuzz can it reply with "X matching, there are Y  similar sounding items".

Once we have a kete with 1000's of topic items and many many images it may be difficult for people to find information if the search gives simular results before it gives exact matches.    Water can be Wazer and I'm guessing lol cat is actually location ?


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