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A look at vowel sounds to help with pronunciation...

This seems a good place to 'share' knowledge; so, here we go!!!

There are two types of Vowel Sounds - SHORT & LONG

A = ah/ar about far
E = eh/ear enter bed
I = e/ee kiwi sheep
O = aw/or awful pork
U = u/oo put boot

Therefore KE (keh) TE (teh) is how we pronounce KETE.

AO = ow
TEA = tear
ROA = roar

Therefore, AO (ow) TEA (tear) ROA (roar) is how we pronounce AOTEAROA.

Kia kaha rā tātou ki te whakahuatia i ngā kupu tuku iho
(pronounce Māori words with meaning as they are treasures handed down from our ancestors)

For more information about learning te reo Māori please visit

Thank you for allowing us to provide this in the KETE forum :-)

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