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How to add a ticket to the issues tracking system.

Issues with the Kete software:

There are several steps when adding an issue to the system.

An issue does not have to be a problem, you can use it to request new features to the Kete software.

So as not to duplicate reports of issues the first thing to do is to make sure nobody has reported the problem that you are having. search the current tickets here

If you find a ticket that matches you issue add a "me too" comment adding any more details that you have.

If you don't find a ticket matching your issue add a new one here.

There are a few things to note when reporting issues it is important that you describe the issue you are having as well as possible:

  • be as clear as possible about the issue you are having
  • describe what you were doing when it happened (step by step if relevant)
  • describe what happened (copy and paste any error messages you see on the screen)
  • try to repeat the issue and describe the steps which cause it

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