Topic: Kete is an open source project, how does that affect how I acquire and install it?

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What advantages, things to consider, and adaptations does Kete have in regards to installation, configuration, and deployment by being an open source project.

Originally written by Walter McGinnis, Kete Project Lead for Katipo Communications, Ltd.


  • Kete benefits from the work of a number of other software projects "for free".
  • Kete is a Ruby on Rails application. Ruby on Rails has standardized a number of things involved with installation, configuration, and deployment. These standards make it easier for Kete to develop its own tools where necessary.
  • Most tools already built for easing Ruby on Rails installation work with Kete.
  • By being a Ruby on Rails application, Kete can run with a large number of flavours of operating systems and database software.
  • Kete is "built to scale".

Things to consider:

  • a Kete installation requires a decent amount of supporting software.
  • a Kete installation has steps to set up its supporting software.
  • the Kete project has to keep track of what versions of the supporting software are compatible.
  • Kete software changes rapidly. Your installation can easily become out of date.

What does Kete do to deal with these issues?

  • Kete maintains a reference installation that is known to work.
  • Kete developers are continuing adding refinements and tools to make installation, configuration, and deployment easier.
  • Kete can take advantage of contributions from its supporting softwares' communities to simplify the process. Both the Ruby on Rails and Zebra communities are incredibly active.
  • If something doesn't work for you, you have the source code and a standard set of tools to fix it yourself. Most importantly you are guaranteed the right to fix your own problems via Kete's license.
  • Kete has already taken contributions of code that allow for variations in supporting software that suits a particular organisations needs.
  • Kete documents and encourages best practices to make it easier to keep in sync with the Kete code base via industry leading version control tools rather than provide the problematic "download link".

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