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Kete 1.3 will include ability to have multiple translations of a Kete site's user interface text. Users will then be able to pick the language they prefer, but we need translators!

I'm happy to say that we are beginning to wrap up the implementation of the next release of Kete, 1.3. However, we have a decent amount of non-implementation work necessary before 1.3 will be ready to push out the door. Besides the normal work preparing for release, 1.3 will introduce the need to have translation done.

In Kete 1.3, individual sites may choose which of the available languages they would like to give their users as options. The release will most likely ship with at least support for bot Te Reo and Chinese in addition to English.  Pretty cool!

Wouldn't be great if we had a whole lot more translations than three? Here's a list of the top twenty spoken languages in the world, according to Wikipedia:

  1. Mandarin (written form is standard for Chinese language family)
  2. English
  3. Hindi
  4. Spanish
  5. Portuguese 
  6. Arabic
  7. French
  8. Bengali
  9. Russian
  10. Japanese
  11. German
  12. Telegu
  13. Punjabi
  14. Korean
  15. Wu
  16. Javanese
  17. Tamil
  18. Persian
  19. Marathi
  20. Vietnamese
  21. Italian
We'll have the top two languages covered, but it would incredible to go for the top five? How about the top 10? It would be amazing to see how many of the top 20 we could get done.

So, if you have the ability to do translation from English to one of the above or ANY other language, please drop me a line at walter -at- katipo -dot- co -dot- nz or add a comment below!

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