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How to setup, and use the translation and localization interface built into Kete.

In Kete 1.3, there is a translation interface which is accessible via a url (/translate) while in development mode.  See the Installation Guide for details on how to set up your site in development mode.

Current translation inteface

Note: The "Save Translations" button only appears if you are using the translate feature without Javascript enabled. Otherwise, each time you finish changing a translation field, the translation is automatically saved.


The above image is a screenshot of that translation interface. From the top down:

  • Show links allows you to filter what keys you are viewing. They're all pretty self explainatory.
  • Sort by allows you to sort the strings by the key name, or by the actual text value.
  • Translate from. The first select box is an already translated locale such as Englighs (en). The second select box is the language you want to translate to. You'll need to have setup a new translation file in config/locales before it'll show up in this dropdown. DETAILS TO BE ADDED
  • Key/text fields allow for searching through the keys/text for a specific translation.
  • The 'Save translations' button takes what you've edited and dumps it into the translation file. As mentioned above, in most cases this is done for you automatically now.
  • Enter the new translation into the text field in each section
  • 'Auto translate' sends the text to google for automatic translation. It won't be perfect, but it'll get you started.
  • Key and File give context of where this text is used (you can't edit them though)

When you've finished a page (if it appears, click Save Translations button), go to the next page, and continue. Do this until everything is translated.

Your translations are automatically reloaded on each change to your translations. If you refresh the page your translation appears on, it should reflect your new translation.

If you are doing a new localization of Kete, please consider submitting it to the Kete team so that it can be made available to the community at large.

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