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I have given the first meeting of kindred Kete souls this this rather grand collective name as I think it deserves it!

Walter and Rach from Katipo, Jo from Horowhenua and Sue from Auckland City Libraries were all met and hosted in New Plymouth by Makere, Ruakere and Leanne from Te Reo o Taranaki Trust on Thursday 30th August 2007.

We spent the morning explaining each of our projects to the others, and identifying areas of commonality. After lunch we got down to identifying which elements of our individual projects required Katipo, and then we prioritised these into a work schedule.

Our plan is to get develop the existing Kete code into Kete Version 1.0 by doing the Taranaki and skin work, install 1.0 in Auckland, then run the 1.0 upgrade over Horowhenua's existing Kete. This will leave us in a strong position to officially launch the first release Kete 1.0 in late June 2008, together with a download, install and configuration interface.

Work Plan

1. Establish the kete for the project itself.
  2. Establish a test site for Auckland to start playing with.
  3. Get the Taranaki Kete up and integrated with their existing website.
  4. Load the Maori Subject Headings.
  5. Depending on Katipo staffing, develop skins for new Kete installations.
October - December: 1. Taranaki : work on access levels, rights management (privacy)
  2. Taranaki : get the translation working.
February - April: 1. Get Auckland Kete up and running. Other elements are not part of the critical development path and will be slotted in as time allows.


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