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How to configure Kete to require encryption for sensitive areas (login, private items).

First up, you need to successfully configure SSL encryption for your Kete site as outlined in this topic:
After that, you can configure Kete to use SSL for private requests (i.e. private items, logging in, and administrative controls).
In order to do this you must, as a tech admin, reconfigure your Kete instance (using the 'reconfigure site' control from the Administrator's Toolbox):
a)  Click "Show Advanced Options"
b)  Click "Server" to open the server options dialog
c)  Change the setting on "Force HTTPS On Restricted Pages:" to "true" (without quotes)
d)  Click "Save" and restart your Kete's mongrel cluster/instance to ensure the settings take effect
Please note that you will need to rebuild your zoom indexes on your site in order to have the results pages link to private items using the HTTPS protocol. Any new private items will be linked to from search results using this protocol.

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