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Answers the question by describing the steps necessary to automatically list a Kete site on's site listing page. includes a opt-in listing of sites running the Kete software. Since Kete 1.2, the Kete software includes functionality to request to list your site. Here are the steps necessary:

Note: if your site DOESN'T have internet access or the site URL isn't "findable" via DNS as a normal website is, these steps will fail. makes a request to your website behind the scenes to make sure it is a valid instance of the Kete software. If you are having network issues for your site, this step may fail.

As a site administrator with tech administrator privileges, do the following.

  1. Scroll to the bottom of any page and find the Administrator's Toolbox
  2. Click list site on
  3. fill out the description of your site. Despite being a short input field, you may have a paragraph or more description
  4. fill out the publisher's address if you would like your site to being shown on the Kete sites map
  5. click send information
  6. if everything goes ok, you will get a confirmation of your listing

Note: If the site has been previously listed, you will not get the form, but a link to the listing page for the site.

Alternatively, you can visit and use the add site link and fill out the form there.

If you would like to change your listing, please use the contact link on to request an edit of your listing.

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