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James - great perspective. looking forward to chatting on the call.  Your thoughts on engaging more broadly with developers (beyond Rabid) would be welcome.  That's one of our goals -
  Peter Raymond Calvert  Message: I remain interested in the possibilities inherent in Kete as I have >1 million words transcribed from ~0.5TB of corresponding audio files to archive in
Rather than creating a Google Doc of various miscellaneous feedback on Kete, I'm posting it here do reference and sharing.   I'm keeping contact details off but email me if
Hi there,  Annick sent this to me directly, Dear Kete community You have my full support for the proposal to upgrade and expand the Kete site. I am proud of
Hi, I used to work with the State Library of Queensland, Australia and continue to be involved with community groups in regional Queensland. Many of these would beneft from an