Topic: Community Day Discussion December 2007

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A record of the discussion held on the first kete community held in Wellington December 2007

Version 1.0

  • stable code
  • skins
  • configuration
  • past perfect data import
  • indexed pdfs
  • moderation

Version 1.1

Privacy/Access levels

Version 1.2


Version 2.0

Support for open archive standard for compound objects. Define the type of relationships for related objects. Called ORE (maybe). Eg relationship of Mother/Daughter between two people.  

Peoples Network

  • Open Archive Initiative known as OAI (Matapihi)
  • Syndication work
  • Federated Searching
  • NZ Creative Commons licence Selection

Feature Wishlist

  • streaming audio/video
  • slideshow
  • controlled vocabs
  • maori subject headings
  • other import types
  • importing feeds from flick and other web albums
  • net 5 standards, embedding wigits
  • metadata exposed to search engines - (google can use OAI)
  • import from other services (everything please)
  • fit with other New Zealand databases
    • Cenotaph - easy ways to link between
    • NZ Dictionary
    • everything else
  • make sure that caching works with caching engines
  • mapping allow lat. long (can be collected now but no visualisation now eg google maps
  • timelines - calendar for events.
  • process tracking - people and tasks (some of this will come in with moderation)
  • interactive components eg. interactive floor map click on room opens up into items/topics in that room, mapping hierarchy
  • reporting tools - can I get easy stats for my boss
  • recording oral histories using telephone
  • zebra - tools for indexing video and audio
  • when writing story withing kete, would like to be able to tag and have contextual searching from primary seraches for material that can be included
  • exporting into the ecology of web2 eg facebook, myspace etc
  • exporting into some offline formats




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