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A summary of ideas discussed at the 2nd Kete Community Day held in Auckland 8th April 2008.


Ruakere Hond and Honiana Love from Te Reo o Taranaki
Paul Sutherland from Christchurch City and APN
Sam Minchin from Auckland City / Chinese Association
Walter McGinniss, Steven Upritchard and James Stradling from Katipo Commnunications
Smita Bismas and Mark Caunter from Hamilton City
Sarah Cox  from Elgar
Claire Wilson from Datacom
Jo Ransom from Horowhenua Library Trust.  

Governance models to consider 

Any Questions
Aotearoa Peoples Network
also: OCLC, ehives, elcons 

Thoughts and Issues

Paul Sutherland's suggestion is that there should be formal group with nominated group of members. The initial seed group might be larger than an ongoing group. The governance group would need to come up with terms of refernce and ways of working. 

Any Questions model was suggested by Mark from Hamilton City Libraries. Partners in this are operating the service and training, has a stronger governance. There is a strategic overview group and a governance group, seems to work well as a collaborative group.

Contributions could be in kind or financial (Walter).  ALGAR ??sp member libraries put in money and in kind work, which requires good will and maybe more formailty than we require  (Sarah Cox). Mark mentioned that the difference in liability between being a partnership and consortium.

Jo liked the idea of voluntary contributions, perhaps on a sliding scale depending on the number of group members.

Smita mentioned that they have no technical resources to contribute coding, but would love to contribute other services or just contribute subscription. 

Small libraries may have amazing resouces to contribute the experience of getting the community involved in projects.

Paul mentioned that there needs to be a maintenance model,  Jo:  the money contributed by members would be to fund things that are useful to the community as a whole, eg federated search, many people mentioned that it is much easier for libraries to contribute a set fee on an annual basis than trying to get fund to contribute to a specific enhancement or 'thing'.

Walter suggested that any member at any level of the community should be able to suggest new features that could trickle up to be voted on.

Some discussion around the ongoing cost of running kete.

Model for the maintaince work should give priority to fixes rather than to adding features. 

Disucssion around one organisation funding another ie if the code is 'owned' by HLT then selling the idea to funders of funding something owned by soneone else is a challenge. Issues around having members of the community in other countries.

LCONZ library consortium of NZ contribute money and employ a person, as well as a governance board ????

If governance and operational are split Walter suggested that operational should have a voice in governance rather than a voice coming down.

Paul suggested that an incorporated society might be the best model.

As a way foward, over the next 6 - 9 months we will establish :

  • an inc society 
  • a support model
  • a small steering group (establishment group

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