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There was a lot of talk about things like producing "embed code" and other ways of easily redistributing material housed on a particular Kete site during the November 2008 Kete Community Meeting. Here are some follow up enhancement ideas.

For me, Kete is a natural personal/community repository.  I simply like to maintain control over my stuff in a place I trust to have responsibility for longevity of the information.  I've been around the Web long enough to know that what is hot place "to be" on the Internet today may not be that way tomorrow.  Witness Facebook's precursor Friendster or even Hotmail as compared to Gmail.  There are plenty of digital images locked away in Friendster from only five years ago that will never make it back out other sites now.  However, those sites that are hot right now have huge value as ways of distributing your material to a wider audience.  I want to easily make items stored in Kete "pushable" to other outlets like Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, etc.

Others in our community have certainly thought about this earlier and deeper than I and have proposed features at things like our last Community Meeting.  Certainly "the two Pauls" are proponents of this type of easy sharing.  There was talk about including embed code ala YouTube for audio and video items in particular.  I second that proposal and it should relatively easy to do if someone puts forward the budget for it (under a day for initial implementation, under a week to process feedback and refine).  It should make it into 1.3.

But is that all we should do?

It would be fairly easy to add the very disposable "Digg this" style links to every item page as well.  Of course you have "Reddit", etc.  You can end up with a big bundle or links for that sort of thing.  Some sites may find value in that, but Digg already seems "so last year".

I'm more interested in a personalized approach where items can be pushed to my own specific space/persona on another site.  People, not unsurprisingly like to be able to associate things with an identity of someone they can get to know.  I envision a pallete or sidebar that can push to a user's preferred sharing services ala iPhoto '09's new features (  Links to topics or other items in Kete scream quick "tweets" to me for example.  Having a way to redistribute CC licensed images straight to the Commons on Flickr sounds darn handy for organizations wanting to show off their Kete archives, too.

What do others think?


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