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It's been a bit longer than expected, but Kete 1.2 is fast approaching official release.

Kieran and I finished the last feature for the 1.2 release a little while back.  Now it's time to prepare for an official release.  This boils down to testing, documenting, and appropriate announcements.

The good news is that we are already testing the 1.2 code base on production sites and things are mostly stable.  We have found some bugs and performance bottle necks and have taken care of a number of them already.  The rest should be addressed soon.

While working on the Kete 1.2 release we made a big push to improve Kete's "test coverage" for automated tests.  We've come a long way, but there is plenty more that could be done.  If you are a developer and would like to start contributing to the Kete project, a great place to start is to add some test scripts.

The other area where developers or system administrators can help out is by helping us update the Installation Guide to reflect changes in Kete 1.2 and let us know if there are any issues on your particular platform (Solaris users, I'm looking at you).

As you can see, testing leads naturally to documentation.  We've already begun the work on installation instructions.  Other areas that need documenting are tutorials on how to take advantage of certain new optional features.  Some of these already exist like configuring Google Maps, but others do not like how to use basket profiles.  Let us know if you would like to lend a hand.

Finally, if you have suggestions for where we should announce the Kete 1.2 release, just drop us a note pointing us in the right direction.

To contact us to lend a hand feel free to comment below or use the "Contact" email link from any page.

Thank you everyone for your help.  I'm excited to get 1.2 out into the world.






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