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How to configure your Kete site.

Originally written by Walter McGinnis, Kete Project Lead for Katipo Communications, Ltd.

Part of the Installation Guide

Important Note: This step assumes that you are logged in as the user who will be running your Kete. For demos and development this is likely your normal account, for production this might be the "kete" account if you have followed the conventions laid forth in the last step.

Configure your Kete site

Open the site up in your browser and will be prompted for the default administrator account login and password. These are "admin" and "test".

Then follow the in browser directions on the site for configuring your new Kete.

As a part of the configuration process you'll be asked to restart your server.

To do this for an application installed following the "Simple Installation" instructions, simply restart your Apache configured app from your_app's directory. (see an older version of this topic for mongrel instructions)

$ cd ~/apps/your_app $ touch tmp/restart.txt
$ script/backgroundrb start # this is needed for supporting imports and digest emails to moderators
$ rake kete:tools:tiny_mce:configure_imageselector # add the RAILS_ENV part if necessary, this is needed by new imageselector functionality

Then you should be good to use your site. Don't forget to edit your homepage!

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