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The steps necessary to set up the Backgroundrb plugin.

Originally written by Walter McGinnis, Kete Project Lead for Katipo Communications, Ltd.

Part of the Installation Guide

Important Note: This step assumes that you are logged in as the user who will be running your Kete. For demos and development this is likely your normal account, for production this is the "kete" account if you have followed the conventions laid forth in the last step.

Configure the Backgroundrb plugin

Kete uses the Backgroundrb plugin to run long running jobs, such as imports and scheduled digest emails of moderator notifications, in standalone computer processes so as not to hold up the responsiveness of web requests.

Copy the example config file and adjust it to suit.

$ cd ~/apps/your_app
$ cp config/backgroundrb.yml.example config/backgroundrb.yml

Now open the config/backgroundrb.yml file in a text editor. Change the :enviroment parameter's value to development if you are running your Kete application in development mode.

Also note, if you are running Kete application on your host, you will want to make sure the :port parameter's value is set to an otherwise unused port.

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