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I'm a site administrator and I have noticed a link to "Zoom Update item (+ related)" on item pages. What does it actually do?

This link is ONLY shown to site administrators. Most of the time even they can safely ignore it. However, occasionally it is handy for specific issues which is why it was created.  Here's the background:

Kete's browse and search results and related item lists are powered by the Zebra text indexing software, commonly called a search engine, which is separate from Kete's main database, a RDBMS, for its information.

Zebra must be fed copies of the records that describe Kete items whenever items are added, edited, deleted, or linked to each other as related items. We use ZOOM to tell Zebra to sync up our information and how.

Since the same information is stored in two separate places there is a potential for it to fall out of sync. In Kete's case, the RDBMS data is always the canonical copy of the data and the Zebra records are where an item's data may be different from what it should be. The "ZOOM Update item (+ related)" action simply updates the records for the item and all its related items in Zebra so it matches the main database. If the item has a large amount of related items, this may take quite awhile.

Site administrators may use it if they notice that the browse or search results do not match what is in an item's detail page.

In some instances it won't be sufficient to fix the problem. Then you may need to "Administrator's Toolbox > Rebuild search databases" to completely clear and rebuild all your Zebra records.


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