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Helpful hints if things go wrong with your installation.

Originally written by Walter McGinnis, Kete Project Lead for Katipo Communications, Ltd.

Part of the Installation Guide

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Zebra Related Issues


After installation, on my "Browse" or search results pages, the links to items are go to "" for example. In other words, they are broken. If I create a new topic or item though, the link for it is correct.


After installation you got to "Browse" or search results and you get an error like Connection Error (109).


You probably forgot to restart your Kete server before "priming the search engine" or the priming didn't work / was incomplete.  Zebra, the search engine, was thus fed bad versions of the default topics and items. You'll need to clean out and reprime the search engine. This fix will work if your zebra search index gets out of sync for any reason, though if you have a large amount of records (2,000+) it may be impractical.

(see here for instructions when using Kete 1.0 or earlier)

On Kete 1.1 or later

Kete 1.1 introduced a new web based Zebra search engine priming tool that technical administrators of the site can use to quick rebuild Zerba and solve issues. To use this, login as a user with the "tech admin" role, navigate to the "Administrators Toolbox" > "Rebuild search databases" > and configure what you need.

You may want to specify "skip private records" if your don't have any private versions of your items, but otherwise the  default options will be ok. This will now initialize you search database (clear it out), restart it, and run through all items in every basket and add it to the Zebra database. When it's done, you can try Browse again.

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