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Details about related items positioning functionality in Kete 1.3.

Kete 1.3 comes with the ability to reposition the related items section into description or into the sidebar, as apposed to just above the comments in Kete 1.2. This feature helps promote linking of other items throughout the site.

Depending on whether you upgraded or installed, the settings may be different (in order to ensure sites work the same as they did before an upgrade, we try to mimic what settings where before, in this case, Kete 1.2 didn't have this functionality, so we disable it).

Enabling / Disabling

There are two settings new under Reconfigure Site > Advanced Settings > Related Items Display. The first decides what the default functionality is, i.e. where it is positioned by default. The other setting says whether this choice can be made on an item by item basis, or if item creators have no say in the matter.

For demonstration purposes, I'll assume you have position set to 'inset' and display controls set to 'true' (for full flexibility).


When you create a new item, you'll be given a dropdown to decide if you want to have the related items inside the description, below the description or in the sidebar. Usually, you'll just want to leave the default that the site admin has set. It's that simple. The rest is handled by Kete.


If you have upgraded from Kete 1.2, and turned on the functionality (the upgrades turns it off by default, as mentioned above), then you'll probably notice existing items don't have their related items inset by default.

There is a rake tasks that can help.

rake kete:tools:related_items:topics:position_to_inset

Makes all topics have their related items inset. You can do the same with images, documents etc. Run the following to get a full list of tasks available.

rake -T kete:tools:related_items

Don't forget to pass in RAILS_ENV=production before the command if you are acting on a production database (else it defaults to development).

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