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Various settings for increasing the speed of your Kete application run by Passenger.

When you install passenger with apache, you can configure various things about Passenger to speed up your apps. Here are the ones we use. Note the formula for PassengerMaxPoolSize and PassengerMaxInstancesPerApp in the comments.

# Just in case you're leaking memory, restart a listener after processing 5000 requests
PassengerMaxRequests 5000

# Keep the spawners alive, which speeds up spawning a new Application listener after a period of inactivity at the expense of memory.
RailsAppSpawnerIdleTime 0

# Keep the application instances alive longer. Default is 300 (seconds)
PassengerPoolIdleTime 10000

# Limit the total number of applications Passenger can spawn
# Formula: ( min 16 - max: (PassengerMaxInstancesPerApp * [apps on the host]) )
PassengerMaxPoolSize 16

# MaxPoolSize / Total apps on this host
# Formula: ( min 3 - max: (PassengerMaxPoolSize / [apps on the host]) )
PassengerMaxInstancesPerApp 4

# see
# Kete doesn't use mod_rewrite or other things this option disables for speed
PassengerHighPerformance on

# how often should we check to see if we need to restart?
# i.e. when you type 'touch tmp/restart.txt'
PassengerStatThrottleRate 30

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