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Kete 1.3 brings the ability to browse the site by categories. Here's how to set it up.

The following assumes you're familiar with Extended fields, and choices. If not, you might read this guide first:

How can I configure choices or categories using extended fields

In Kete 1.3, the extended field label of 'Categories' is a special label that triggers the search page to replace the search controls with a list of available choices, which displays like this:

To setup this up, create a bunch of choices that will act as new categories. To get a heirarchy going, map some choices as children of other choices.

Then create a new extended field. Name it 'Categories', add an xml element name of 'dc:subject', the type should be either choice dropdown, or choice auto complete. Whether you allow site members to create new categories is up to you. It's also best to make it a multiple so multiple categories can be selected. Finally, map all of the choices you made above to this field.

Once that is created, go to Administrators Toolbox > topic types, edit the top most topic type ('Topic')  and make the categories mapped to it (optional or required is up to you). To get nicely findable results, making this required is usually the best way to go. You can also do this for image, document etc content types, under  Administrator's toolbox > content types

Finally, create a new topic. Fill in some categories. Save, and go to the browse page. If everything was configured correctly, and the categories are showing, clicking one of the categories you entered on the new item should have it show up in the results.

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