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Announcement that development on new features has stopped for Kete 1.3 in preparation for the release. Includes a call to early adopters to help debug the pre-release code and work through upgrade steps.

After quite a long development period, Kete 1.3 is now feature complete! It has been a lot of work and I want to personally thank everyone that has contributed ideas, code, funding, feedback, and support to the project for the Kete 1.3 feature set (I'll give complete credits when we reach the final release). Well done everyone!

So what's next?

Although Kete 1.3 is feature complete, it still needs to go through a trial period to help find and fix any bugs as well as build up the corresponding documenation. This where early adopters can lend a hand and help us work out the kinks.

Are you willing to help out?

  • You can install Kete 1.3 by following the Installation Guide and raising any issues you have or editing it to correct errors or clarify steps
  • If you already have a Kete 1.2 installation, you can help us write the Kete 1.2 to Kete 1.3 Upgrade Guide
  • If you are upgrading from the "master branch", read the UPGRADE document and let us know if you encounter any issues in comments on this topic
  • After you are on the Kete 1.3 codebase, if you encounter bugs, report them as per our How to add a ticket guide

So what are Kete 1.3's features and how do I use them?

We're still working on the feature list and guides. As you they are added, you can find them at

I'm excited to have Kete 1.3 out in the wild. Thanks for all your help!

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