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An explanation of the different roles people may have in Kete and their capabilities.

A Kete website is organized into "baskets" or sections of a website.  Baskets have two main interrelated purposes; to act as a container for items and to designate who may do what to those items.

In it's most basic form you can think of a basket as a safe with items in it and only certain people have keys.

We describe who can do what within a basket by granting a particular user a "role" such as member, moderator, or administrator in that basket.  These roles have rank, each higher role has the privileges of the lower roles, but has it own privileges that make it unique.

To follow on from our items in a safe metaphor, it's as each action you want to take on items within that safe requires a key and each role may or may not have a key for that action.  Actions are things like adding an item, reverting an item to a previous version, or adding a member to the basket.

First up a few special roles that are implied by their lack of relationship to basket.  In other words, because they haven't had a role designated to them for a basket we can put them in a couple classes of users.

As we go down the list, each role acquires the privileges of the last role described.

The fundamental roles and their actions that every basket may have are as follows:

Non-basket specific roles

This is anyone who isn't logged in. All they may do is see items designated as public in the basket.
Site members
This is anyone who has previously registered with the site and is logged in (and they aren't a Site Administrator, we'll talk about that later), but they haven't been granted a role on this specific basket . They can create links between related items and if the basket so chooses with a basket preference, add comments. They may also flag items. Depending on site configuration and version of Kete, they may also add or request a new basket.

Roles specific to a basket

May add or edit items in a basket. If the basket has privacy controls enabled, they may also add and view private items within that basket.
May delete items in the basket and moderate items in a basket (reject a pending or flagged revision or make it live).
Sets basket preferences (name and various policies such as the level of moderation or whether the basket has private items or not), basket homepage options, and manages the membership of the basket. They are also the only ones who may add or change a basket homepage topic.

Special roles that must be granted on the site basket

Site Administrator
May do all above actions without being a member of a particular basket. They can manage the membership of the entire site by choosing who has the special roles (site administrator or technical administrator) or banning or deleting a user from the site.
Technical Administrator
A role that requires that you also be a site administrator. This user may do technical dangerous work, such as reconfiguring the site or entirely rebuilding the search indexes, that takes technical know how that is often beyond the scope of day-to-day site administration.

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